Inspired by the World Around Us

Much of my jewelry is inspired by the world around us. I often find myself drawn to certain stones or crystals. Shapes of trees, animals, or items in our lives bring fond memories. I try to find and create components for my jewelry which remind us to laugh, to love, and to appreciate the world around us. Some of my pieces are very simple, others more involved. All reflect some part of me that I hope touches you as well. The website shows examples but most are one of a kind items that may or may not be available. I will work with you to create something unique for you. I tend to prefer natural stones and have a variety you may select from. I use some crystals, pearls, shells, wooden pieces, and metal charms. I am not currently using sterling silver due to the rising market price, nor gold due to the variability of color depending on content. Most items are silver plate, which allows me to create items within a reasonable price range.

The Amazonite at the center of this piece takes its name from the color of the Amazon River. It is known as a stone of courage.

If you have a particular stone in mind or a color you are looking for, let me know and I can suggest some options. You may decide on earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. Prices vary based on the materials used. Start with something simple and we can go from there. I’ll be happy to send pictures so you can be sure of what I’m doing before you pay. If you want multiples of an item, I can provide those with sufficient lead time as long as I have the materials on hand.

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